What is Bujin.tv?

Bujin.tv is a video streaming service dedicated to martial arts videos and podcasts.

Bujin.tv is all about martial arts streaming content with hundreds of videos available for viewing including full seminars, kata and applications classes, training and fitness videos, documentaries, interviews and podcasts. More videos are added every week. Bujin.tv also works directly with top class instructors around the world to deliver live streaming seminars directly into your home or dojo. We are dedicated to building bridges between our passionate community of martial arts enthusiasts and top class teachers who represent the best of their disciplines.

Bujin.tv was founded in 2020 by James Pankiewicz and Christian Romanelli, both martial arts practitioners and dojo owners. We love what we do and deeply believe promoting martial arts practice is hugely important and beneficial to all. We want all people to have equal access to this knowledge and tradition. We are committed to supporting our community of expert teachers and content creators. Bujin.tv shares revenue collected from subscription fees directly back to our content partners every month. In addition we work with them to deliver live seminar events via our platform at no cost to our teachers and instructors.

As of June 2022, Bujin.tv has over 1000 videos and 40+ content contributor partners. Content is produced primarily in English but many videos feature subtitled original dialogue in Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Spanish and other languages. Access is via web browser or smartphone application (Android and IOS).

We feature videos on a wide range of fighting arts including Karate, Kung Fu, Tang Soo Do, Judo, Sambo, MMA, Kalari Payattu, Kobudo, Kyushojitsu, Jujitsu, Aikido, Arnis, Escrima, Silat, Tai chi Chuan, Kenjitsu, Battojitsu, Iaido, Kendo, Shorinji Kempo, Goshinjitsu, Self defense, Taekwondo, Muay Thai and more.

We built Bujin.tv based on a mission to bring the values and learning of traditional martial arts culture together with the reality of our modern, fast changing world.

The Bujin.tv Values Statement - our commitment to the development of Bujin.tv

  • Curiosity - we seek to discover the best and always be looking ahead to the future. We will foster the curiosity of our users through delivery of fascinating, challenging, captivating content.
  • Innovation - we keep using creative thinking and develop new solutions. We continually invest in innovation.
  • Respect - we deeply respect the history, culture and values of our subject matter, partners and users.
  • Balance - we seek for balance between innovation and tradition, between traditional and sport approach to Karate.
  • Community - we are committed to the martial arts community and its needs. We will make positive contributions to our community.
  • Impact - we will be a force for positive change in our community and a brand that leaves a lasting impression. We will grow through the strength and depth of our reputation.
  • Support - we will reinvest in our partners and support their development. We will become a major force in helping our partners and users to survive and thrive.