Unsu Explained
Unsu Explained

Unsu Explained

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In this seminar Scott sensei will detail in-depth the form and function of the kata Unsu. Often seen as a youthful or athletic kata, alternatives and modifications will be shown that will make the practice of Shotokan's most advance kata accessible for all.

Access this seminar via Youtube or Zoom. Access details sent to your email following registration.

Full time Karate instructor, author of the very popular book "Karate Stupid" and technical head of the WTKO Ireland, based in Dublin. Scott Sensei teaches throughout Europe and farther afield. His full time dojo in Dublin has over 500 members and is the largest in Ireland.
See more videos from Scott sensei on his Bujin.tv channel at https://bujin.tv/profile/16 and https://www.youtube.com/user/Hombudojokarate