100 Karate Kata Challenge 2022



Every year thousands of karateka around the world join the 100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge event, and if you are here I'm guessing that already includes you!

Welcome, I'm James Pankiewicz, founder of the event. It's great to have you with us. Did you register you and your dojo already? If not please use this link to open the registration page.  


Register to 100 Kata Challenge for free


The 100 Kata Challenge is a free event, open to all styles and dojos. We encourage karateka of all ages and skill levels to take on the challenge together and do their best!

We have a FREE DOWNLOAD participation certificate for each dojo owner/sensei/group leader to sign and give to all participants in recognition of their hard work and determination to complete 100 Kata repetitions.

Buy 100 Kata Challenge Merchandise

 Every year we produce original merchandise designs to celebrate the 100 Kata Challenges. Every purchase made helps us to support the event management and design costs, so we are very grateful to all of you for your support. Check out the 2022 NEW DESIGNS here and tell us which one you like best on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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