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100 Kata Challenges – Karate Day 2023 report

Celebrating an amazing 100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge event here in Okinawa and around the world – 275 locations!! I’m very pleased to report the 2023 event was a HUGE SUCCESS with a massive turnout here in Okinawa and 275 worldwide registrations of Karate dojos and individual challengers across 25+ countries. Every year hundreds of dojos around the world across every country and style join us for this very special event on Karate Day.

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200 Dojo Worldwide Complete 100 Karate Kata 2022

Its official - by November 1st 2022 we received 200 registrations from karate groups in over 35 countries - what an incredible World Karate Day! It's been 9 years since we first invited karate enthusiasts around the world to join in a celebration of traditional karate from Okinawa. To remember the birth of modern karate in 1936 when prominent Okinawan teachers agreed to call their art "karate" [空手] . Thus ushering in the era of karate's spread around the world and setting it on course to becoming the most popular martial art in the world. Today we can reach and connect across borders, time zones and language barriers to unite in taking on the 100 Kata Challenge and show our...

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Request a Martial Arts Seminar

Would you like a live seminar with a world-class martial arts instructor? Our instructor community includes world renowned teachers and authors across karate, kung fu, tangsudo, kobudo (weapons), kalari payattu, kyushojitsu, sambo, eskrima and hojo undo among others. Now you can get access to request an online seminar on a topic of your choosing via

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