100 Kata Challenges – Karate Day 2023 report

Celebrating an amazing 100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge event here in Okinawa and around the world – 275 locations!!


Hi, I’m James Pankiewicz of the Asato Dojo in Okinawa and I’m very pleased to report the 2023 event was a HUGE SUCCESS with a massive turnout here in Okinawa and 275 worldwide registrations of Karate dojos and individual challengers across 25+ countries. Every year hundreds of dojos around the world across every country and style join us for this very special event on Karate Day. This year 2023 was extra special for us as its the 10th year since we started the 100 Kata event.


What’s so special about October 25th? Why has it become “World Karate Day”?
In 1936 a council of leading Okinawan teachers decided on
 空手 (karate) as the name for their art. Since then this art has spread around the world improving the lives of millions of practitioners.
(read more on the history here – http://okic.okinawa/en/archives/newstopics/536)

Our 100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge 2023 in Okinawa was held at Shuri Castle Park . It was our 10th year it feels doubly fitting we took the challenge at a major historical venue with a deep connection to the roots of karate.

Some of you might remember that our very first 100 Kata event here in Okinawa was at another incredible castle site, Zakimi, in Yomitan. The energy and atmosphere was amazing and this year topped even that.

Our next 100 Kata Challenge event will be on March 31st 2024. Please join us then for the next 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge. More details will be shared here and on our social media.

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The 100 Kata Challenges are a celebration of our passion for martial arts and our connection with Okinawa, the birthplace of karate. Every year more and more people around the world take up the challenge and join our worldwide community of karate and kobudo fans.

The rules of the event are simple. Participants are free to choose a preferred kata, and progress at their own pace. Participation is open to all ages and levels. Even if you are not sure you can complete 100 repetitions we warmly encourage you to take on the next challenge event and do your best. The only way you can fail is by not taking part!

You can participate wherever you are – join our global community

As always we invite everyone to take part from wherever you are – at home, your dojo, an outside location or wherever. Choose a location and time that works for you. This event is an amazing opportunity to take on a challenge alongside your friends and dojo colleagues!
Please take pictures and video and share your journey and share with us on BujinTV Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.
official hashtags : #100kata #100katachallenges


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こんにちは、沖縄の安里道場のジェームス・パンキウィッチです。2023年大会が大成功に終わったことをご報告できることを大変嬉しく思います。 毎年、この空手の日の特別なイベントには、国やスタイルを問わず、世界中の何百もの道場が参加しています。今年2023年は、100の型を始めてから10年目という特別な年でした。


(歴史について詳しくはこちら – http://okic.okinawa/en/archives/newstopics/536)


私たちの100 Kataの場所から歩いて5分のところにあり、観光客にも地元の人にもお勧めの場所です!

次回の100 Kata Challengeイベントは2024年3月31日です。次回の100古武道型チャレンジにぜひご参加ください。詳細はこちらとソーシャルメディアでお知らせします。

2023 Official Registration List - click to view PDF