Koryu Uchinadi World Gasshuku 2024 in Okinawa

“Greetings from the enchanting shores of Okinawa, the island birthplace of Karate! Riding high on the extraordinary experience we shared in 2023 at our first International seminar, it is with great joy that I extend this warm welcome and invitation to the upcoming 2024 Gasshuku.
Your unwavering passion for the art of Karate is the heartbeat of our worldwide community. It is with such genuine excitement that I invite you to join me for our 4-day international seminar event.
This year’s theme, “Decoding the Bubishi,” promises a deep dive into my life’s work centered around this ancient book of Karate. Delving into the intricacies of the Bubishi Kata Nepai, its bunkai and the 36 escape and counter application practices; Participants will not only be empowered by the knowledge encoded in the Bubishi but will also gain the skills and drills to practice and teach Bubishi technique.
From both a teaching and social standpoint, this gathering is unrivaled.
The overwhelmingly positive feedback from last year’s unforgettable experience fuels our excitement in extending this invitation to you. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner, a devoted student, or embarking on the Karate journey for the first time, all are welcome with open arms – KU or IRKRS membership is not required. In recognition of those who successfully complete the course, a magnificent brushed Bubishi scroll and a certificate of completion will be personally presented; tangible reminders of the skills acquired and new friendships forged here in Okinawa.
Come, be part of this extraordinary celebration of Karate, and let’s create memories that will resonate for a lifetime.” – Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi 10th Dan Koryu Uchinadi



In 2023, at the first KU Gasshuku in Okinawa, we delivered an amazing program for participants including world class martial arts instruction with Patrick sensei and senior KU instructors, cultural and history tours, fully catered dinner events in spectacular locations, exclusive event goods, participation in World Karate Day (Oct 25th) celebration events including the 10th 100 Kata Challenge at Shuri Castle and opportunities to add on more dojo visits or activities such as beach BBQ parties and bus tours of the islands attractions.


The 2024 World Gasshuku will be held from Oct 21st-24th in Naha, Okinawa, Japan. Patrick McCarthy Hanshi leads 4 days of world class instruction, following which all participants are invited to join the World Karate Day celebrations and much more during this very special program of activities.
Use the link above to make your reservation today. Spaces are limited to only 150 in total and in 2023 those filled up fast! Once we have received your online reservation we will email you with detailed information on fees and deadlines to make payment to secure your tickets.
Summary of fees:
Full Package Option – 11 days accommodation with breakfast, Full Pass to 4 day Gasshuku, Dinner Tickets to Welcome and Sayonara parties, Karate History Tour ticket – 255,000 yen (approx $1700 USD)
Gasshuku Full Pass and Welcome Party only option – 60,000 yen (approx $400 USD)

We look forward to welcoming you to Okinawa in 2024.

– Patrick McCarthy and James Pankiewicz (event co-ordinator)