BujinTV catalog is now 1000+ programs strong!

We always strive to give excellent value to our subscribers thanks to our unparalleled catalog of 1000+ high quality carefully selected videos. Many are full seminars, and many are Exclusive to BujinTV. We now have 1000+ total videos & podcasts - all selected and curated for quality by our in-house team of martial artists and teachers.

60+ FULL SEMINARS from the best instructors (click to view)
200+ KATA & BUNKAI instructional videos (click to view)
75+ INTERVIEWS & DOCUMENTARIES (click to view)
50+ EXCLUSIVE Releases on Bujin.tv (click to view)
25 Programs DIRECT from Okinawa - delivered and produced by master instructors and film makers in Okinawa (click to view)
20+ NEW RELEASES every month

BujinTV directly supports a worldwide Community of fighting arts practitioners and video creators by sharing revenue directly back to content creators every month. So far Bujin.tv has given back over $10,000 in fees! In addition we regularly commission and pay for seminars directly from world class teachers around the world. 

We are proud to support the Karate Masters Interviews series which has created never-before-seen interviews with leading teachers giving in-depth insights into their history, practice and philosophy of martial arts.

In addition we have new production projects scheduled for release in 2022/23 which will bring amazing content from modern and traditional fighting arts to your screen.